Two girls walked into a bar...OK, fine. It was a barn, but cocktails have been involved on more than one occasion.

Who are we? So glad you asked!

Two plant loving, goat nurturing, bee caring, country girls combining their mutual passions for natural based nutrient dense skin care along with other crafty creations for the home, garden and ... basically, two girls who like animals and making good stuff. The products we offer are inspired by the plants we grow, the honey we harvest, the fresh goat milk we collect and our love for simple healthy choices.  


Tina Bonifacio is the owner and farmer at Gypsy Meadows, and the master behind the Be Love Organic skin care line. Tina has many talents that are non-farm related, but her passion for her animals, land, and products she creates is evident when you talk to her. From the sweet goats to the medicinal herb gardens, Gypsy Meadows is truly a special place and you'll feel that in the products produced there. The skin care products are formulated with a focus on using the best, simple ingredients, with 80% of the botanicals grown or harvested right on the farm. 


Erin Holko is a beekeeper and life-long gardening nerd. Having grown up working in her family's garden center, she has always had an appreciation for growing pretty things. After becoming a mom and then a beekeeper, her focus shifted from growing plants that are just pretty to growing plants with a purpose. Plants are both food and medicine for us and for the bees, and combining beekeeping and gardening is where Erin has found her happy place. The products offered here under the Beekeeper's Garden brand are handcrafted items, all containing hive products and botanical ingredients harvested from happy bees and healthy plants at Erin's own nearby farm.


After bonding over our mutual love of goats, we found ourselves getting together often to try out new craft projects or skin care recipes. The products of these creative collaborations are what we offer to you here at Gypsy Meadows Market.


But enough about us! 


What About You?

We love getting to know our customers. Send us an email or a message on Facebook or Instagram. We'd love to hear feedback about the products you're using and what you'd like to see more of from Gypsy Meadows.  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a glimpse into our personal lives on the farm.