Beekeeper's Garden

Handcrafted from the hive

Each item offered by Beekeeper's Garden is handmade from hive products harvested from happy, healthy bees in the Buffalo area, crafted by Erin Masterson Holko.

Who's that? 

I'm a beekeeper, a mom, an animal lover, a life-long gardener, and I love making things. Beekeeper's Garden is a reflection of all of my passions combined into a creative outlet and a way to share what is produced here in the Garden.

Healthy, happy honeybees are an integral part of the happenings here in the Garden. By providing them with a safe, chemical free environment in which to thrive, they in turn provide us with so much more. Pollination, sweet honey, pure beeswax, and healing propolis are second only to the calm that their buzzing brings to the Garden

Respect for the bees, the plants, the animals, and the land is the highest priority in crafting the products that we offer.

All items are available for purchase at local shows, at Masterson's Garden Center, or through Gypsy Meadows Market.handmade-from-the-hive.png