Makers on The Meadows - Jen Stockman Design

Jan 31st 2019

Makers on The Meadows - Jen Stockman Design

Gypsy Meadows is not just about our passions - we love getting to know our community and finding unique offerings to share with you all. We are very much about community over competition and just L O V E what Jen is doing.

Jen Stockman, for the past 5 years, has been in the business of recreating unused upholstered furniture with manufacturer’s discarded high-end, designer grade fabrics. It’s an eco-conscious business that has thus far produced over 150 pieces for many enlightened and style-seeking customers. More recently, she's launched the Napkin Project, an endeavor that is equally eco-friendly but woven with international thread and an intense desire to widen the global circle of women supporting women.The Napkin Project started when she and her 10 year old daughter decided to move the Green needle even further by saying goodbye to paper napkins once and for all. They sewed napkins from leftover fabrics. It was a win win! One thing led to another and remembered how much they loved the fabrics from the local Bazaar that supports many immigrant, refugee, and low income individuals to pursue their dreams of small business ownership. They would travel there on a weekly basis and purchase the most vibrant fabrics from the beautiful women from Burma. The more they'd create, the more people wanted to be a part of the project. To date, kids are sewing, grandmothers sewing, housewives sewing and working mom’s sewing…. All of these sewers are finding some purpose in their decision to carve out time in their busy lives to stop and sew. So, the napkins are special in their own right, but the concept of how these napkins came to be is what is most fascinating to Jen.

"One of my absolute favorite concepts is “Wabi Sabi”. Wabi Sabi is a traditional Japanese aesthetic that sees beauty in design that is slightly flawed:a pottery bowl made slightly out of shape, a fold a bit off center, or a hem sewn with a tiny droop. Wabi Sabi values beautiful handmade items that are perfectly imperfect, and so do we. In the spirit of Wabi Sabi, we came up with a napkin template with non-standard measurements, and we have sewers with skills that range from novice to seasoned pros. We aim at making napkins that measure 11x161/2, but some may be slightly bigger, or a bit smaller. Occasionally, a sewer may drop a stitch or add an accidental crease. We are fine with that. We simply say “Wabi Sabi” and move on knowing we will deliver beautiful, generously sized, fairly priced napkins handmade from stunning fabrics by a group that shares a common belief that all the world is connected. At core, our mission is to promote the notion that the best of life happens while welcoming everybody to the table. We hope you frequently enjoy your set of one-of-a-kind napkins while sitting at the table with those you love.

The Napkin Project is one of my most beloved design projects, and I am honored to be a sharing it with you through"

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Napkin descriptions: These beauties will be certain to brighten just about any table. One of a kind napkins that is made from repurposed, discontinued fabric or burmese cotton ikat . Handmade with global love. Limited supply. Machine Washable

Dimensions 11x 16 ½. (Wabi Sabi)

$17.50 set of four