There's a first for everything

Posted by Tina B. Gypsy Meadows on Mar 12th 2018

There's a first for everything

Doing something you're not use to is always difficult.  But I'm taking the gentle nudges from supporters and taking a leap of faith.

I've always been a creator, a crafter an adventurer in what I could make with my imagination and my own two hands. Photography, jewelry making, welding, painting, knitting, mosaics, the list goes on. In 2012 I started making my own natural skincare and cleaning products, friends and family loved them but I never really took it much further than that. In 2014 I left the City and moved to the country, found myself in an old farmhouse with 33 acres of land. Yearning for a more "hands on approach" to life.  It's not for everyone but for me it is something I needed to do.  And then of course you have to figure out how to make a living off doing something you love, ah yes that question we hear so often "What would you do if you had no fear?".  So here I am, taking my leap, deciding to be FEARLESS.

Who am I?

I am an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a hobby farmer, a struggling gardener, a lover of old things, the partner in crime to an amazing man, a mother to fur & feather babies, a novice weaver, an aspiring welder, a creator, a learning herbalist, a purveyor of natural & organic products. I am passionate, loyal, stubborn, laid back, quiet, charismatic, mindful, clueless, sometimes disheartened & always hopeful. Forever grateful. Patient. I make mistakes. There are things I am not proud of and there are things I am very proud of. I've been broken and I have broken. I have fallen apart and been reassembled. I've tried and failed and tried again. I'm OK. I am a contradiction. I am forever evolving and new wonderful things are ALWAYS on the horizon.

I've been out here changing my life the past 4 years. Last year we really stepped into our "homesteading", planting a massive garden which started a mini CSA, welcoming chickens, honey bees, goats and angora rabbits.

The skincare products you'll find at Gypsy Meadows, under the name BeLoveOrganics, are made with natural & organic ingredients in small batches sometimes made-to-order. When available I use the herbs, bees wax, honey, flowers and nature around me to incorporate in the products.

All the home goodies, rugs, decor etc. are all handmade, most one-of-a-kind by me, my family or my creative partners.

So I thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I hope you'll join me on the journey and find inspiration to take your own "leap" into whatever makes your heart happy! We're on FaceBook and Instagram and I welcome you to tag along there as well.