Farm Fresh

Being a good steward of the land and caretaker to our animals is important at Gypsy Meadows and our partners.We love our animals, plants and land., We feel very fortunate to have such a beautiful place to call home. As "the Meadows" continue to grow you'll find more and more offerings from nature itself. These items are only available to our local market, so please email us for delivery options and availability. 

Availability on all farm fresh products is limited. As we do not use lights in our hen house, egg production is significantly lower through the winter months. We hand milk our goats and are very selective in our kidding practices as to not stress or over produce. Our honey is harvested twice a year from happy bees, and we always ensure to leave more than we take. 

As with all farms we are at Mother Natures mercy. We do not use chemicals on our properties and do our best to ensure we grow and cultivate a nutrient rich, abundant crop.  We hope you enjoy!